Caring for Hardwood Floors

Your hardwood floor was built to last for a lifetime. Preserve the glow and natural beauty by following a regular hardwood care and maintenance routine. It breaks down to three 3 simple steps: clean, maintain, protect.

How to clean hardwood floors

With today’s advances in factory-sealed finishes, cleaning your hardwood floors has never been easier. Everyday, light cleaning requires little more than sweeping with a nylon bristle broom or microfiber mop, or vacuuming with a soft bristle or a felt head attachment. Vacuum in the direction that boards run to loosen dirt trapped in grooves. For occasional spot cleaning or all over floor cleaning, use the manufacturer’s recommend cleaner and a slightly damp mop. No need to rinse. When a liquid spill occurs, make sure to wipe it up immediately.

How to maintain hardwood floors

Wood floors expand and contract as humidity levels change. Maintain a relative humidity between 35% – 55% in your home to prevent cupping or gapping between boards.
All hardwood floors will change color over time from exposure to the UV rays of direct or indirect light. This is a perfectly normal part of wood’s aging process and it usually happens during the first year after installation. Move furniture and area rugs periodically so your floor ages evenly. You may be able to prevent or slow down this process with window treatments that restrict UV rays.

How to protect hardwood floors

Dirt and grit act like sandpaper on your hardwood floor, over time destroying the finish. Place door mats at entrances to trap dirt. Likewise, avoid scratches and dents by lifting (never sliding) furniture to move it and place plastic or felt glides under the legs to prevent scuffing and scratching. Keep your pets’ nails trimmed and paws free from dirt and gravel. Also take a look at your own feet to make sure your shoes are not excessively soiled or have gravel embedded in the tread.