About Laminate Floors

Laminate floors offer the same high-end looks of hardwood, ceramic tile and natural stone but at a fraction of the cost. High-definition 3D printing techniques capture all the texture, depth and convincing colors and patterns found in nature. You’ll appreciate how much budget-friendly laminate floors contribute to the decorative appeal of a room. Even better, these strikingly realistic floors also deliver exceptional durability – the kind that can stand up to active households with kids and pets.
Laminate floors can be installed just about anywhere in the home, including the basement and bathroom. They’re ideal for rooms that get a lot of foot traffic, such as the kitchen, family room and foyer.

Laminate Floor Construction

Most laminate flooring consists of four layers: (1) durable top wear layer with exceptional stain resistance, (2) photographic print showcasing the floor’s unique design, (3) high-density core providing dimensional stability and enhanced moisture resistance, and (4) backing layer offering additional stability while guarding against moisture from the subfloor. All layers are fused under high pressure to form a strong board that resists scratches, stains, warping and buckling.

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